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Why did I decide to use an electric standing desk?

There is a lot of hype around the standing desks, mostly about the health site and how standing is better for Your back than sitting all day long. I believe there is no universal reason to start using a standing desk or not. The reasons to buy an electric desk

  • There is a lot of reasons that standing desk may not be the best solution for You … and a lot of very positive impact that You can benefit from when You decided to go that direction … to go up with Your desk 😉

Let me give You a few reasons why I find that standing (or more precisely sid-standing electric desk) is suitable for me.

My back problems are almost gone.

As many of You, I was long work hours on the computer sitting on my desk. I was using a laptop and external monitor to do my work and still have that same combination. What I’ve changed was:

  • An external monitor is now set as main workspace and laptop is a secondary screen 
  • Both screens are now much higher

What are my personal health benefits of doing that?

Since I have my primary monitor straight in front of me, I’m rotating my head much less and on shorter periods. 

Thanks to that my monitors are now higher my posture is basically straight all day long

Thank’s to that, I fell pain in the upper back much less, and hopefully, it is gone entirely soon.

I’m moving much more with an adjustable sid-stand desk. 

All my life I was a very active man, I was doing a lot of sports activity and never had any problems with posture and weight …. Until I started to work a lot. 

Long hours stuck on a desk, using mostly a laptop and worst part, working evening in-home on the couch in a terrible position does a lot of damage to my back and overall health.

I decided to do something about it. First of all, I try to move much more, do some sports activities regularly and eat more healthily. Just live smarter, just like that.

Besides that, I find that I have to do something to my working space and habits.

Now I change my position from sitting to standing a couple times a day, have much better posture, and more often take a walk around the office. I have also worked out a whole new system to my workday and get some benefits in the productivity department.

I Developed a new work system for my new sit-stand type of work.

To be fair, that was precisely the opposite. I was trying to divide my workday in the sprints of work, very differential type of work. I have some tasks that are required very much focus and as little distraction as possible. 

Deep work

When I need to do some complex task as write an article, make an analysis, edit video, or rebuild a webpage, I definitely want to achieve a deep work type of focus.

To achieve that I need a few things:

  • Be alone
  • Get everything I need to complete the task close
  • Focus only at one particular task
  • Sit comfortably


As I work with a small team, I need to often transit from my own work and my own desk to go and talk to other people, check something out quickly and do fast tasks (under 10 minutes)

I find the most efficient way to do that is when I’m standing in front of my desk, that’s helped me to:

  • Do the simple task faster
  • React faster
  • Be more connected to other people by being more accessible


For me, a transition to a sit-stand desk was very beneficial, but it required more than only changing the most crucial part of office furniture. To get as many benefits from transition, it needs to rethink a whole system of Your work … and I encourage You to do this. Not once … but over and over from time to time.

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